Tutor Services

Tutors of faculties, should be treated with particular attention to students with disabilities.

Must participate in regular training sessions Tutors should to be involved in the activities of the center.



  • protect the academic interests of the students with disabilities;
  • concerning the organization of the educational process, students must submit all the necessary information and documents;
  • give them advice for the compilation of the students’ personal and working plans;
  • organize the students’ individual plans, adopted to a defined period of time and are involved in the preparation of annual work plans by the and professions (specializations);
  • assist the students to develop a plan for continued self-study, this is necessary if the students are to develop independence; otherwise students may study only in the lessons (in the university);
  • work with the disability specialist to develop strategies specific to that students preferred learning style;
  • arrange for on-going exchange of information with professor regarding progress and needs;
  • inform the center when any problems arise
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