Dear Entrants!

First of all, I wish all of you to see the decent result of the work done to earn the name of student, thank your family members and teachers who supported you.

This page of your life will definitely determine your future success. Within the university years, you will have some superior qualities, such as perseverance, diligence, logical thinking, independent decision-making based on knowledge and skills, values loyalty and care.

We are honored to announce that we will always support you closely. The Admissions Service has been established at UNEC that will assist you to determine your future career path and provide you with a complete list of specialties.

By calling 146-1-3, you can find answers to your questions about our university, teaching process, and other questions that are of interest to you. In addition, our staff is ready to provide you with a comprehensive consultation on the specialty selection coding. We are always glad to see you at our university.

Once again, I wish every of you success.

UNEC Rector, Professor Adalat Muradov

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How to apply?

Admission to the Undergraduate Programs of our University is realized on the basis of the rules and procedures determined by the State Exam Center for the citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan (for further information, please, go to Admission of international students to our Undergraduate Programs is implemented directly by UNEC via interviewing (for detailed information, please, visit

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Our Advantages

High Standards of Education in the English Language
To study in “SABAH- Educated. Resourceful. Trained” student groups
To study in Western Standards in the Turkish Language
To receive the diploma of the London School of Economics
To receive the diploma of the University of Montpellier
To study in the prestigious foreign universities for one or two terms

To build your own business within your studies

To start your career via the Graduate Fairs

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Majors taught


Admission points 



On the Zagatala branch


Student Life

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Applicants who scored over 600 points visit UNEC (18.07.2017)
Applicants with more than 600 points visit UNEC (22.05.2017)
UNEC impressions of the applicants gathered 700 points (17.05.2017)
Applicants with 700 points visit UNEC (16.05.2017)
Rector Adalat Muradov: “Our goal is to involve more literate entrants to UNEC” (22.10.2015)


The Public Relations Branch
-(+994)12 492-60-43; (+994)12 497-58-63

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 Hot Line - 146-1-3

Center for assessment of quality and management of training – (+994)12 492-64-41
Training-methodical center - (+994)12 492-03-20;  (+994)12 492-97-57

Student-rector – (+994)12 492-78-25
Student Youth Organization (+994)12 492-66-31
Student Trade Union Committee (+994)12 492-27-48

International Cooperation Department - (+994)12 492-60-45

Official Facebook profile of UNEC   

Why to choose us?

    • You can take an advantage of studying at the biggest economy and business- oriented university of Azerbaijan and the 4th best university of developing European and Central Asian University and have joint training and research opportunities with the prominent economic scholars of the country;
    • You can get the opportunity of studying in our Undergraduate Programs in any 4 languages you require (Azerbaijani, Turkish, Russian and English);
    • You can receive “second scholarship” granted for top 15 students of our university on each course;
    • You will get a chance of continuing your education in “SABAH” Groups that perform in Azerbaijan in Economics and Business in our University starting from the second course;
    • In the third year of your studies, it will be possible to choose classes from our other Undergraduate Programs and receive a diploma in two different majors;
    • Taking an advantage of the international relations of our University and take the Undergraduate Programs of the prestigious world universities for one or two semesters or take the International Undergraduate Programs of our university which offer dual diploma;
    • It is also available to attend lectures and workshops conducted by the influential overseas scholars and specialists arranged in our university regularly, including short- time certificate programs;
    • Benefitting from our university’s broad cooperation opportunities with business world in Azerbaijan, you can get better experience and career opportunities;
    • You will be able to realize your projects taking advantage of the “Innovative Business Incubator” of our university;
    • You can join dynamic student organizations to have a comprehensive development of your youthfulness and spend your leisure time with UNEC Creativity Center;
    • You can experience to get the benefits of studying in our academic buildings that meet high standards and are in the central parts of the “rising star” of the Caucasus, Baku;
    • It is also possible to be trained for the main Graduate Programs in Economy and Business in our University.

SAT Admission Rules to UNEC

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International cooperation

International relations of the Azerbaijan State Economic University (UNEC) covers bilateral cooperation with universities of foreign countries, participation in international education programs, attraction of foreign students, partnership with relevant international organizations and other directions.

Cooperation with universities of foreign countries envisages exchange of students and teachers, realization of joint Summer Schools and dual diploma programs, organization of joint scientific conferences and seminars, as well as implementation of mutually beneficial exchange of experience. Up to now, UNEC has signed bilateral cooperation agreements with 92 universities from 32 countries of the world.

Currently, our University actively cooperates with German Siegen University, University of Warwick of Great Britain, University of Bologna of Italy, University of Business and International Studies of Switzerland, University of Malaga of Spain, Mykolas Romeris University of Lithuania, Solbridge International School of Business, Woosong University of South Korea, Gazi, Hajettepe and Sakarya Universities of Turkey.

Students of UNEC are broadly benefiting an opportunity to take one semester long courses at the mentioned partner universities. Moreover, teacher exchange programs are of great importance in improving the training process at UNEC, allowing professors-teachers to benefit from best practices of leading foreign universities.

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The Opportunities to Study Abroad


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