The Opportunity to participate in the Erasmus+ Exchange Program at the University of Leicester of Great Britain within a spring term

05 DECEMBER 2016

UNEC undergraduates will have a chance of studying at the University of Leicester of Great Britain under the exchange program.

Those who want to participate in the Program should meet the following requirements:

1. 2 or 3- year of undergraduate study;
2. Grade point average should be 85 (of 100- point assessment);
3. The English Language fluency of listening, writing and speaking.

Required documents:

1. Transcript in English (GPA indicated)
2. A document of approving the English Language fluency (B2 level) or the equivalent of IELTS 6.5
3. Letter of Motivation (in English)
4. Copy of Passport
Modules on the Schools of the University of Leicester are available from the link below:

Deadline is December 9 2016
For further information please contact the International Relations Department of UNEC, (012) 492 60 45- Aysel Musayeva