The Team “HOPE” of UNEC’s International School of Economics has gained a Grant of the US State Department

26 APRIL 2016 | VIEWS:

The United States State Department has presented a new project to counter the extremism over the Internet and social media. The aim of the Project “Challenging Extremism” is to strengthen the fight against extremism in the society the students live, making proper use of social media and to achieve the formation of a more secure society by keeping the young people away from extremism.

Universities of the European, American and Asian countries are actively participating in the project held for already two years. The Projects and International Students Manager of the International School of Economics of Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) Fakhri Mammadov has created the team “HOPE”- Humanity Occurs in a Peaceful Environment consisting of the students of the International School of Economics to take part in the project.

The proposals of the team is approved by the US State Department and allocated the grant for the implementation of the project. The grant will mainly spend on advertising banners, buying T- shirts and brochures, placement of advertising on social media, development of logo and holding a flash mob.

The winner university’s team will be invited to Washington.

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