“One day at UNEC” project started at UNEC


“One Day at UNEC” project continues to support enrollees.

The first participants of the new academic year have been   pupils of X-XI grades of secondary school №1 in Jeyranbatan settlement. After presenting one-day student cards to students,   according to their wishes they attended “Marketing”,  as well as,  “English” classes at  International School of Economics (ISE). One-day students, who left the classes   with a good impression, were on the info tour at UNEC. Enrollees who are preparing for the II group are given detailed information about the faculties and specialties available at UNEC in this direction. The students were told the advantages made by special scholarships, dual diploma and exchange programs with prestigious universities around the world. Enrollees  were introduced to the UNEC 24/7 library, auditoriums equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, a canteen and gyms.

Those who want to participate in the “One Day at UNEC” project can call 492-60-43, 497-58-63 or contact the UNEC official  Facebook page .

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