UNEC celebrates 30th anniversary of January 20 tragedy

17 JANUARY 2020 | VIEWS:

30th anniversary of January 20 tragedy has been celebrated at Azerbaijan State University of Economics.

Before the event, the rector, Professor Adalat Muradov, the university’s staff and family of UNEC students and alumni,  killed for righteous cause visited the Memorial Complex  in the main academic building of the university where the memory of the martyrs were  perpetuated. They laid wreaths and bunch of flowers in front of the complex.

Meeting with   the families of martyrs, the rector said that January 20 is a national day of mourning and is written as a day of unity and honor for the people of Azerbaijan, who fought for the independence of Azerbaijan. He said he was proud of them, noting that the memory of the martyrs who died for the freedom of their homeland is always honored and cherished at UNEC.

After visiting the monument, the event continued with an artistic section.

After a moment of silence to the memory of the martyrs, performance prepared by UNEC Creative Center and Student Theater on the poem “Martyrs” by People’s Poet Bakhtiyar Vahabzade was shown. The political situation leading up to January 20 events, and the heroism of our martyrs, were particularly skillfully played by students at the performance based on the poem and historical facts. The performance, accompanied by pieces of mugham and student singing, gave the audience a fragile moment.

The event also featured paintings by students of the faculty of Technology and Design, dedicated to January 20.


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