The innovation in the doctoral education at UNEC: the Research oriented lessons will be organized



The doctoral studies program and the rules for the exams procedures have been developed for the doctoral level of study at UNEC.

The rules cover the content of the doctoral level of study, scientific research works, volume of the academic load, the duration of teaching stages, the types of teaching and the volume of the separate sibjects.  According to the new rules, the research oriented lessons pursuant to the internatinal pracrtice will be conducted for the students of doctoral level of study and the candidates for a degree within the first 1 year.

In the new rules the indicators ensuring the mobility of doctoral students and the interstate comparison of doctoral studies program and the  procedures for  the recognition has been stated, as well. In these rules, both the modern requirements for the organization and conducting of entrance exams for doctoral level of study and for the doctoral research scholar examinations are noted. The academic year will be composed of summer and autumn semester.

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