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 Information about the Doctoral Studies

The Department of Doctoral Studies has been established on the basis of the department “Doctoral and Post-gradual Education” existing at University of Economics for many years in March of 2010, in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan about “Education”.

The Doctoral Studies play important role in the development of scientific cadres. Admission to the Doctoral Studies of the University on Economic Theory; Planning, Management of the National Economy and its Branches; Economy of the Material and Technical Supply; Economy of Labor; Organization of the Management of Price, Price Formation; Finance, Money and Credit; Statistics; Accounting; Analysis of Control and Economic Activity; Economic and Mathematical Methods; World Economy and IER had been carried out regularly.

The university’s doctoral students and researchers make speeches at the scientific conferences and workshops about the results of their papers regularly held republic- wide and in the university.

Currently university carries out the development of Doctors and PhD students on the following majors and directions: Technical (on different directions); Economic Theory; Economy and Management of the National Economy (on different directions); Finance, Money Turnover and Credit; Accounting; Statistics; Mathematical and Instrumental Methods of Economy; World Economy.

The 6 of above mentioned scientific majors are of economic-profile and one is non-economic.

The development of highly- skilled scientific and scientific- pedagogical cadres at Azerbaijan State University of Economics are performed via doctoral studies and dissertate in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “About Education”. Education in doctorate is realized on PhD and Doctor of Sciences being enrolled to the appropriate majors. Doctoral students on PhD and Doctor of Sciences are developed at 27 Departments of our University and the SRI of Economic Investigations on 7 directions of economic science block and 1 direction of technical science block. These directions are as follows:

One of the main directions of Doctoral Studies is the defense of research paper by the applicants of the doctorate on time. About 55 Doctors and PhD are fulfilling the guidance and supervisory on doctoral students and researchers.

Currently, 44 doctoral students, 3 of whom on Doctor of Sciences and 41 on PhD Program are studying here. Research fellows are 152, 23 of whom on Doctor of Sciences and 129 on PhD Program. 1 of the doctoral students and 9 of research fellows are citizens of foreign countries. They represent Turkey, Vietnam, Hungary and Georgia.



Azertaj: A dissertations Assessment Commission has been established at UNEC (04.05.2016) 


Classification of Specialization on Science Fields and Qualifications:

Specialty Code Science Fields and Specialties
1. 3309.01 Technology of Foodstuff
2. 5301.01 Domestic Fiscal Policy and Public Finance
3. 5302.01 Econometrics
4. 5303.01 Accounting
5. 5307.01 Economic Theory
6. 5308.01 General Economy
7. 5310.01 World Economy
8. 5312.01 Area Economy


The scientific seminar of young researchers of UNEC: “The modern problems of national economy”(05.03.2018)

Training held for UNEC’s nominee doctors and graduates by “” (12.052017)

Winners of the Competition of Scientific Articles are awarded (22.11.2016)

UNEC’s Employees attended a Seminar held in Swiss (03.10.2016)