Projects under the motto “Teacher is a Source of Power” launched at UNEC


Scientific, social and cultural projects under the motto “Teacher is a Source of Power” have been launched at Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC). The goal of the project is to increase the teaching staff’s academic and social activity, promote the height of the profession and make ties between the teachers and students. In this context, summit meeting on “Innovations to support the Quality of Education” will take place at the universities.

The teaching staffs of the universities will be concentrated on the analysis of the current situation and modern development models. The situation faced by the venerable and young teachers who are employed in higher education institutions will be analyzed, methods of working with students will be offered. The topics such as rhetoric, psychological durability, interactive teaching, time management and others will be reviewed and separate panels for each area will be organized.

And the Project of “Economist Teachers’ Exchange Program” will enable to gather teachers of all universities, including the regions in one platform. The participation is voluntary.

Short films reflecting venerable UNEC teachers’ and professors’ ordinary lives and entitled “Teacher’s Day” will be directed within the academic year. At the same time, local and foreign films dedicated to the profession of teacher will be demonstrated at the university. Teaching process of UNEC will be declared open to public and broadcast lively via the social networking (Youtube and Facebook) within the projects held under the slogan “Teacher is a Source of Power”.

In addition, the project “UNEC teachers’ memorial forest” will be organized within 2016/2017 academic year under the motto “Teacher is a Source of Power”. UNEC teachers will plant trees in the pre-allocated area within the project.

An official page “Teachers of UNEC” will be created on Facebook to share regular information about UNEC’s academic staff. Trips by UNEC teachers to secondary schools and Technical and Humanitarian Lyceum operating under UNEC will be implemented under the motto “Teacher is a Source of Power”. They will make the school children familiar with the Science of Economics and inform them about UNEC twice a month.

To enable UNEC teachers deliver real information about the working environment and share practical knowledge, meetings with business people will be organized. Teachers will make tours to industries and share views with businessmen once a month.

Informal discussions named “My Teacher” targeted in building healthy environment and establishing friendship between teachers and students are to be arranged and the competitions of football, volleyball, ping-pong, chess and badminton will be organized every month.

One of the projects realized under the slogan “Teacher is a Source of Power” is an international conference TEDxUNEC.

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