Next Open Day at UNEC: no complaints about the exam process

18 JANUARY 2020 | VIEWS:

The 2nd Open Door Day has been held at UNEC regarding the winter exam session of the 2019/2020 academic year. Traditionally, the rector, Professor Adalat Muradov held the reception together with members of the Public Supervisory Board.

Now the reception was attended by Alimammad Nuriyev, member of the Joint Human Rights Group,  Malahat Murshudlu, head of the Free Teachers Union, Sevinj Qarayeva, correspondent of   the   525th newspaper.

Complaints and suggestions on a variety of issues were heard at the Open Door. The greatest number of applications was related to not being allowed to take part at an exam for exceeding limit of absence  mark. The rector instructed the heads of the relevant departments to investigate and respond positively to the appeals, taking into account the exceptions and the valid reasons. Some of the appeals were explained to the opposing party thoroughly, which could not be accepted because they were in contradiction with existing laws and regulations. In addition, complaints regarding diploma defense   and difficulties arising after the exchange program were reviewed. It was also noted that assistance would   be made   to both masters and students who had made those applications.

The good news of the reception was that there were no complaints about the ongoing exam session, exam questions, or negative cases.

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