Polish Professors’ Lectures are heard

16 MARCH 2017 | VIEWS:

Professors of the Poznan University of Economics and Business start to lecture at UNEC. Three Professors of the prestigious Polish University- Conrad Jan Sobanski, Michal Konopczynski and Sylwester Bialowas will conduct classes in UNEC’s International School of Economics and SABAH Groups. They will lecture on risks management, futures and options contracts, currency derivatives and conventions and operations of currency market to students majoring in World Economy, Finance and Business Administration.

The project realized with the Erasmus+ Exchange Program will last one week.

Notre that, two UNEC instructors- Inara Rzayeva and Sevar Mammadova had lectured at the Poznan University of Economics and Business from March 6 to 11 within the Exchange Program. And 4 Professors of UNEC are invited to conduct classes in Economics and Mathematics at the above mentioned university I April.

Note: The Poznan University of Economics and Business that is established in 1926 is one of the most ancient and prestigious universities of economic profile in Poland. The higher education institution is considered the most ranked university in Poland. The curriculum of the school has been established in accordance with the education methods of the world teaching administration and economics, as well as the latest ideas in business and high education standards. The university that has a strong teaching basis is in close relation with business world.

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