A new department is being established at UNEC


The decision on it  was made at the next meeting of the Scientific Council.

The meeting of the UNEC Scientific Council began with a discussion of issues on the agenda. The first issue was the situation of provision of the teaching process with teaching materials. This was reported by  Sevda Sardarova, the head of Quality Control of Teaching of UNEC. The report has presented the level of provision of different faculties and departments with educational programs and methodical instructions  with figures and persentages.  It was found that 351 out of 499 subjects were provided with currucula and 105 methodical instructions, and 75  of 151 subjects were  provided with curricula in the masters.   Subjects that do not have educational programs   are taught by syllabuses. The report sparked widespread discussion. Do we need training programs and methodological instructions in the Bologna system? An exchange of views was held on the question of the rector, prof. Adalat Muradov. A. Muratov stressed the need for some discussions with relevant authorities to satisfy the issue to the modern education system. Sevda Sardarova’s report was generally rated satisfactory and approved by voting.

The second issue on the agenda   was the report of the dean of the faculty of Economics. Dean Associate Professor Asiman Guliyev submitted a report on the activity of the faculty in the 2018/2019 academic year. The report provided information on teaching quality, academic activities, and   work with students. The presentation showed that there was a positive trend in students’ exam results and course attendance compared to previous years. The rector   instructed   deans of faculty to prepare more detailed reports and to adopt a standard form for this.

Then the former student rector Elmir Sadigov made a report on his one-year activity. Rector Adalat Muradov highly appreciated Elmir Sadigov’s activity and presented him an Honorary Decree for his effective work.

Current issues were also discussed at the Scientific Council. The statues of International Economic Cooperation Development, UNEC Research Center, UNEC Research Center for Knowledge Economics, UNEC Turkish World Economic Research Center, UNEC Insurance School, UNEC Center for European Economics, UNEC Islamic Financial Center, UNEC Scientific Research Center for Composite Materials have been approved by members of the Academic Council. “Rules for recovery of   expelled students and  returning from an academic vacation” , “Rules for the organization of the summer semester” and Charter of the Faculty of Economics were presented at the scientific council. All three documents were approved by the council  members.

At the meeting, to improve management it was also decided to establish Department of Organization of Teaching General Disciplines consisting  of non-specialized chairs under the rector. The proposal to establish a Teacher Training Center was also approved by a vote of council members.

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