Innovation at UNEC: “Tutor Preparation” in Distant Form


A distant form of certification program for “Tutor training” has been completed at UNEC.

Professor Adalat Muradov, Rector of UNEC, met with graduates who successfully completed the course. Stating that the tutors play an important role in the organization and   improvement of quality of education and speaking about the importance of distance education form,   said that the main goal of the program is to provide academic advisors who know the requirements of the education legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Bologna process, who can provide professional services to students at every stage of the educational process and formation of   a tutor base at UNEC.

The rector emphasized that he saw distant education   as a form of mass higher education of the future. He said that UNEC Extern, which had a high material-technical base, met modern requirements, would continue distant education in various fields.

Graduates who had   successfully completed the program said   that during their 3-month training   period ,  along with theoretical knowledge they had also gained practical knowledge by experienced experts.  Co-workers from other universities, along with UNEC, highly appreciated the capabilities of UNEC Extern and noted that the knowledge and skills they had acquired here would play an important role in their future activities.

At the end, rector, Professor Adalat Muradov presented certificates to graduates who had successfully completed the program.

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