UNEC Expert about the Political and Economic Outcomes of 2016

10 JANUARY 2017 | VIEWS:

International political and economic outcomes of 2016 and expectations of 2017 have been debated in the analytical program “Panoram” broadcast by Lider TV on January 8. Besides the Members of the Parliament, Professor Elman Nasirov and Rasim Musabayov, teaching staff of Azerbaijan University of Languages Samir Hamidov UNEC expert Araz Aslanli also took part in the program.

Speaking about the general view of the year, UNEC expert A.Aslanli noted that the country which was most focused on throughout the year is the Republic of Turkey: “We can state the examples of the rise of terrorism in this country and in the world, Azerbaijan President Mr. Ilham Aliyev’s visit to show the solidarity after bombing in Ankara, the appointment of Binali Yildirim instead of the Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoghlu, popular resistance to the initiative of July 15 coup, the beginning of military land operations in Syria by Turkey and the other similar topics”.

UNEC expert emphasized Brexit, Trump’s victory in Presidential elections and April fights as the most memorable issues of the year.

We introduce the analytical program “Panoram”:


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