UNEC’s Expert calls out the World from TRT Avaz

23 JANUARY 2017 | VIEWS:

UNEC Expert, teaching staff of the Department of “Economics and Business AdministrationAraz Aslanli gave an interview to TRT Avaz of Turkey on the occasion of the anniversary of the Tragedy January the 20th.

Within the program broadcast from the Martyrs’ Avenue, A.Aslanli said the January 20 is a night of the construction of eternal national dam built in front of the “northern wind” which began to blow hardly from the beginning of the XIX Century, i.e. it is the end of an era. The January 20th is the manifestation of the spirit of the War of Independence in Caucasus. It is an important part of the formation of our national identity. It is the open challenging to an empire which has not ever been confronted by. The obvious example of it is the scene of the martyrs’ burial- held on January 22nd. It is the appearance of the people in the squares 10 times more who were killed.

January 20 is the kind of beginning. It is a military-political beginning of the restoration of independence. January 20 is oppression, but also resistance of the oppression. January 20 is heroism; it is the guarantee of the liberation of our territories which are under the occupation.


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