Head of the department: PhD in Economics, Asisst.Prof.  Guliyev Oktay Gulu

 Address: Baku, H.Aliyev str. 135 (IV academic building)
Telephone: +(994) 12 440-89-37

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UNEC Teachers in line with the world’s leading research fellows (16.01.2017)
UNEC Scholars were elected members of International Peace Researches Association (06.12.2016)

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About the Department


By considering the specificity of the subjects taught in the Faculty of Turkish world of Business Administration, as well as to increase the quality of education and study, the department of “Economy and Business Administration” was established on the base of subjects taught in the Faculty of Turkic world of Business Administration by decision No 09/3 dated 29.01.2013 of the Scientific Board of Azerbaijan State University of Economics and department acts from 01.02.2013.

An Associate Professor, Doctor of Philosophy in Economy Musayev Garay Jumshud managed the department from its establishment up to April, 2014. An Associate Professor, Doctor of Philosophy in Economy Ahmadov Fariz Saleh runs the department since April 30, 2014.

The academic staff of the Department of Economy and Business Administration of the Azerbaijan State Economic University consists of Azerbaijani and Turkish teachers received their titles of associate professors, assistant professors and doctoral studies abroad.


To bring our university to the fore in the world arena with its modern, renewed education and management methods, be selected not only in our country, but also beyond the borders of our country, teach international competitiveness, teach quality lessons, contribute to the country’s social and economic life, become a chair with academic staff with leadership qualities that can enhance the name of Azerbaijan, our university and our department.


To train individuals who are creative, innovative, always self-employed, are aware of their social responsibility, are aware of their rights and responsibilities, are sensitive to ethical values, their thoughts and behaviors in society, but also rising, using leadership and management skills our mission is to become a world-renowned window of UNEC, which has an academic staff recognized in the country as well as in the international arena, as well as teaching quality teaching, contributing to academic research, contributing to the country’s economy and education In line with the innovations in the modern world, using renewable technologies, management and learning methods.


Our department has set a goal to educate students and talented professionals who meet their current and future needs with modern educational methods in the field of science, contributes to the development of our country; it reflects new knowledge and experience gained in bachelor and master programs.


  •  To double the number of young teachers in foreign countries by the end of the year 2021;
  • To ensure availability of electronic textbooks of 100% the lessons taught by our department in 2021;
  • To increase the number of books published by the academic staff of our department in 2016-2021 twice;
  • To possess an infrastructure to enable our chair to continue its teaching and research activities more effectively;
  • To be adapted to UNEC’s electronic system to enable students easily access information about the lessons taught and test results.
  • To increase 2 times the number of scientific articles and publications s written as result of the research carried out by our academic staff;
  • To double the number of articles and research published in international prestigious journals and presented at international conferences.
  • To achieve directing 100% of students’ scientific- research who are studying for a Master’s degree.
  • To establish of a scholarship fund to support scientific research work of the student staff using the internal and external capabilities of the faculty and department in 2016-2021.
  • To begin the teaching of doctoral studies in international standards at the department.


 Our essential value is the fact we do not search for the main feature that makes us different from other chairs. Over the years, we are committed to these values and are moving forward in their light.

  • Be creative and innovative
  • To be disciplined
  • Be honest
  • Be polite (transparent)
  • Being a perfectionist
  • Being patriotic
  • Always be prone to development
  • To have ethical values
  • Being contemporary
  • Be socially responsible
  • To have a national identity
  • Continuous learning

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UNEC Teaching Staff attend scientific events held in Turkey (13.05.2016)
UNEC becomes a member to the Union of Central Asian Universities (03.05.2016)
The Professors of Gazi University at UNEC (25.04.2016)
UNEC Teachers made speeches in “Young Entrepreneurs’ Guba Forum”  (29.12.2015)
Next Agreement achieved between UNEC and the Universities of Turkey (25.12.2015)
The Turkish World of Economists’ Association established at UNEC (24.12.2015)
UNEC was represented in the Forum of National Human Resources (21.12.2015)
UNEC’s Quality Ambassadors were awarded (18.12.2015)
UNEC in the “Heydar Peak” (15.12.2015)
UNEC Students visited Winter- Summer Tourism Complex Shahdagh (07.12.2015)
Center for International Graduate and Doctoral Studies established at UNEC (03.12.2015)
UNEC commemorates the founder of TWRF Turan Yazgan (23.11.2015)
The Quality Council of UNEC held a meeting (18.11.2015)
UNEC Teaching staff member’s book was published in Turkey (07.12.2015)
Turkish World’s Scholars at UNEC (28.10.2015)
The International Congress held at UNEC has completed its work (30.10.2015)
The organization of teaching in the Financial- Economics College under UNEC was discussed (26.10.2015)
UNEC will host the Prestigious Scientific Congress (24.10.2015)
The International Teachers’ Day celebrated at UNEC (05.10.2015)
UNEC Library System will be Modernized (30.09.2015)
New appointment at UNEC (19.09.2015)


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               İşletme                              Turizm və otelçilik             Uluslararası ilişkiler


Organizing and Managing a Business (Undergraduate – Graduate)
International Relations (Undergraduate – Graduate)
Tourism and Hotel Business (Undergraduate – Graduate)

The main subjects taught:

 Organizing and Managing a Business

  • Introduction to Business Science
  • Business Management
  • Business Finance
  • Human Resources Management
  • Business Mathematics
  • Marketing Management
  • Corporate Accounting
  • Numerical Decision Techniques
  • Securities Investment Analysis
  • Strategic Management and Business Policy
  • Debt Law

International Relations

  • International Organizations
  • Use of Force in International Relations
  • International Finance
  • Introduction to International Relations
  • International Diplomacy
  • The Karabakh Issue
  • Regional Policy: South Caucasus
  • International Capital Markets
  • History of Political Thoughts
  • Comparative Political Systems

Tourism and Hotel Business

  • Convention Tourism
  • Current Issues in Tourism
  • Hotel Management
  • Front Office Management and Automotive
  • Behavioral Sciences
  • Tourism Marketing
  • Strategic Management and Operation Politics
  • Travel Investments and Project Analysis


The  Academic Staff: