The UNEC Young Teachers Council was established


UNEC rector, professor Adalat Muradov has met with young teachers.

At the meeting was displayed the keynote speech of great leader Heydar Aliyev on the main directions of the activity of the higher educational institution and forthcoming tasks which was sounded in the solemn ceremony dedicated to the  70th anniversary of the Azerbaijan State Economic University, in 2002.

The UNEC rector drew attention to the idea of ​​the National Leader’s speech that “for developing the economy and joining the complex financial and economic system of the world we need in young modern, qualified, with knowledge of foreign languages people,  ​​who have acquired the world’s experience.”

The importance of project “Young professors” and “Young teachers” was highlighted in the meeting. There was noted that the young teachers took the forefront positions in the grading – rating system compiled on the basis of Differential Labor System which is a fact of dignity. The young teachers spoke about the advantages of summer and winter schools implemented with the aim of improving their pedagogical and research skills. The young teachers emphasizing the necessity of improving the communication among the pedagogical staff made the suggestions. They took the decision to establish the UNEC Young Teachers Council with the aim of increasing the potential of young teachers and using more efficiently.  The suggestion was adopted positively. It was stated that the commencement of activity of the council would stimulate the initiative of young teachers and contribute to their active participation in the governance process, as well.

The director of Distant, Correspondance and Additional Professional Education Center Sabuhi Tanriverdiyev was elected the chairman of the Council.

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