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Telephone:+(994) 12 492-65-64

Deputy Director:
Can.of Econ., Assist.Prof. Veliyev Habib Mammad

+(994) 12 492-61-35

Deputy Director:
Can.of Econ., Assist.Prof. Kerimova Tarana Isa

+(994) 12 492-61-35

Deputy Director:
Can.of Econ.,Assist.Prof.
Akbarov Rovshan Mammad 

+(994) 12 492-77-31

Head of Correspondence  Education Department: Kocherli Yalchin Enver 

Head of additional education department: Garibli Emin Adil 

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The meeting with the students getting the correspondence education at UNEC (10.01.2018)

Education Opportunities at UNEC (11.07.2017)
The Center Director spoke about the Admission rules
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The number of those who want to get Retraining Higher Education is increased (31.10.2016)Meeting with the Students enrolled to the Secondary Higher Education held at the Distance, Part- time and Secondary Education Center (21.10.2016)
The Essay Contest held among the UNEC Students (18.10.2016)
Meeting with the 1 and 2 year Part- time Undergraduate Students of the Distance, Part- time and Secondary Education Center (10.10.2016)
The new Director has been appointed (21.04.2016)
A.Muradov: “Full-time and Part- time Students were created the same conditions at UNEC” (21.10.2015)


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 Information about the Distance, Part- time and Secondary Education Center

Distance, Part-time and Supplementary Education Center is a structural unit providing distance, part-time and supplementary education at UNEC. The Center was established upon the Decision adopted at the University of Economics Scientific Council Meeting dated 19 September 2014 and its Statue was adopted. The center consists of 3 departments: supplementary, part-time education and distance education departments.


Department of Further Education
Part-time Education Department
Distance Education Department


Information about the training forms within the Center

Continuous Professional Development
Part-time Education


DPSEC Charter
Rules to organize the part-time undergraduate studies at UNEC in the credit system
DPSEC’s Work Plan

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Specialties of the faculty:

– Finance
– Accounting
– Economy
– Ecology
– International trade and logistics
– Business management
– Public Administration
– Information technologies
– Management
– Marketing
– Food engineering