UNEC has increased the number of double diploma programs: 6 programs will be implemented

03 JULY 2019 | VIEWS:

Presentation of 3 new dual diploma programs was held at UNEC. 

The event was attended by heads of relevant UNEC institutions, representatives of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the embassy of France in Azerbaijan, experts in education and employees of other higher education institutions.

 Head of International Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Education Nijat Mammadli spoke about the importance of the “State Program on increasing the international competitiveness of the higher education system in the Republic of Azerbaijan for 2019-2023,” approved by the Presidential Decree of November 16, 2018. He emphasized that the main objective of the State Program is to harmonize the content and quality of the Azerbaijani higher education system with international dual diploma programs, to further the development of higher education through the involvement of foreign specialists and to create a new educational environment. The ministry official also spoke about UNEC’s dual   diploma programs. He emphasized that UNEC is a leader in the number of   dual   diploma programs among the country’s higher education institutions.

Johan Schitterer, cultural advisor of   the France embassy and director of the French-Azerbaijani   Institute, said the French government had an effective strategy for dual diploma programs. Pointing out that UNEC has successfully implemented a double diploma program with the University of   Montpellier; the embassy official mentioned the importance of the program. He said the potential of the UNEC students participating in the program was very high and they had the best results.

The congratulatory video of the rector of   Lincoln University was shown at the event on the occasion of the realization of dual diploma program of   UNEC with Lincoln University of the United States.

Anar Rzayev, pro-rector on educational and training technologies, said that   UNEC had   been implementing a double diploma program with two leading universities in France and that the French embassy had always supported UNEC in this direction. Then A.Rzayev made a presentation on 3 new   dual   diploma programs, which will be realized in the new academic year. He announced the   terms of bachelor’s degree with ICD International Business School, a joint educational institution of France and the United States, located in Paris, France, as well as MBA and Master’s Degree programs with the University of Lincoln in the United States and Montpellier University in France.

It was noted at the event that UNEC is currently implementing the dual diploma programs with the University of London,   London School of Economics, University of   Montpellier, France and Switzerland   UBIS University – University of Business & International Studies.  Last year, 5 students from UNEC and this year 13 students  graduated from the University of Montpellier. Four masters of UNEC graduate from Switzerland’s UBIS University were awarded diplomas. But the dual diploma program of   Moscow State University of Humanities with UNEC   is at its final stage.

Participants’ questions were answered at the event.

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