UNEC values


UNEC is committed to the following values in order to implement properly its mission and transform its vision into reality:

Academic freedom: the members of UNEC are committed to scientific principles in research, teaching and the social service activities.

Academic ethics: UNEC protects the academic ethics in all its activites and respects copyrighting.

Decency: UNEC creates the egual opportunities for everyone to hold the academic and administrative positions and prefers more worthy ones.

Transparency: UNEC implements all the activities openly to the observationof all interested parties.

Perfection: the UNEC members are constantly trying to get the perfect ones in all their activity.

Quality: UNEC is ccommitted to high quality principle in all its activities.

Participation: UNEC ensures the active participation of all its members to the effective governance at all stages of management.

Respect for differences: UNEC respects the diverse views of all interested parties.

To think of society’s interests: UNEC implements all its activities primarily by thinking of society’s interests.

Environmental sensitivity: the UNEC members try to maintaining the ecological balance for sustainable development.

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