Information about Fundamental library of Azerbaijan State University of Economics

The library has been operating   since 1930, since    the university was founded. However, on several occasions the university continued its activities at intervals, as a result of the closure of the university, its merger with other universities, and the displacement of educational facilities.

The current library has been formed since 1966 and the library has the following departments:


  1. Service department


  1. Department of compilation and catalog


  1. Department of Bibliography


  1. Reading hall



The Fundamental   library has once again improved its activity in 2000. In 2008, the automated library information system “Irbis-64” was launched in Fundamental   Library. The library has an electronic catalog system, free access to internet resources and access to e-books.

Admission of our university to the international standards system TS EN ISO 9001 “Quality Management System” is also reflected in the activities of the Library.

Since 2018, the library has launched a new “ALISA” system. According to the decision of the Scientific Council   ESH -162 on improving the quality of education at UNEC, meeting the requirements of   the  s status of “Research University”, establishing a library network with permanent access to modern scientific literature and journals using digital resources,  UNEC Fundamental  Library has been abolished since  2006, and  UNEC Library Information Center was established on the basis of the Fundamental Library.

The total fund of the UNEC Library Information Center is 80166 copies.

At   UNEC Library Information Center in 2018, the attendance rate of readers    was 11,565.