UNEC’s Young Teaching staff at the 2nd World Congress

20 JUNE 2017 | VIEWS:

A young teaching staff of UNEC attended the 2nd World Congress of Comparative Economics “Revolution and Evolution in Economic Development-1917-2017” held in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

A teacher of the Department “International EconomicsTahmasib Alizade and his colleague Ahliman Abbasov presented a joint article on “How to form a successful and efficient economics integration mechanism” The case of European Union”.

Speeches made by a Professor of the California Berkeley University Gerard Roland, a Dean of the School of Economics of Moscow State Lomonosov University Alexander Auzan, a Professor of Science and Technology University of Hong-Kong James Kungin were head within the congress. Panels on different areas of economy were organized; presentations on various topics and directions were introduced and views were exchanged during the panels. T.Alizade joined the debates on economic growth and development, macro and micro determinants of productivity, the role of firms in structural changes and development, structural changes and economic growth, income inequality, importance of human capital in economy and economic integration.

The congress where 350 scientists and experts joined to debate large-scale economic issues in the context of macro and micro level went on with an exhibition.

The Congress was organized by the European Association of Comparative Economic Studies (EACES), Association of Comparative Economic Studies (ACES), Japanese Association of Comparative Economic Studies (JACES) and Korean Association of Comparative Economic Studies (KACES) in cooperation with the Italian Association of Comparative Economic Studies (AISSEC), Society for the Study of Emerging Markets (SSEM), Chinese Economists’ Society (CES), European Association of Evolutionist Political Economy (EAEPE) and other scientific associations and networks. The local organizer was Higher School of Economics (HSE) in Saint-Petersburg.

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