The discussion at the UNEC economic platform “ISE Economic Talks”: “Crypto currencies: global challenge and Azerbaijan”

01 MARCH 2018 | VIEWS:

The project of the UNEC International Economic School “ISE Economic Talks”has held its first debate for the 2017/2018 academic year.

“ISE Economic Talks”, the most popular economic platform for the UNEC teachers and students this time submitted for discussion the most discussed topic of the world agenda. Fakhri Mammadov, the teacher of the chair “International Economics” (English speaking) at UNEC made the report on the topic “Crypto currencies: global challenge and Azerbaijan”. The young teacher sharing his personal experience in this area with the students approached to this issue at the global level, as well. He presented  the position of Azerbaijan in the context of institutional changes taken place in the global economic and financial system, the approach to the crypto currencies in Azerbaijan and its future prospects.

The goal of the “ISE Economic Talks”  project is to gather the UNEC teachers, researchers and students together in a single economic platform and to organize the discussions. Within the framework of the project, the most topical economic issues and problems of the global economy and the country are discussed, as well. At the same time, the “Day of Discussion” of the world bestseller books is organized.    The topics of the discussions that are held twice in a month are selected by voting. According to the proposals, the new discussion directions are defined. The discussions are also published at the UNEC virtual economic forum,

The head of the “ISE Economic Talks” project is Tahmasib Alizadeh, the teacher of the chair “International Economics” at UNEC.

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