UNEC’s Teacher Araz Aslanli attended the International Scientific Events



Teaching staff of the Department of “Economics and Business Administration” of Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) Araz Aslanli made speeches in the conferences held in Istanbul, Turkey on the dates of November 23-24.

Firstly, A.Aslanli made a report on “Latest Processes in the Southern Caucasus and the Garabagh Problem” at the Marmara University. The causes of the Garabagh Problem and its remaining unsolved were explained, as well as the negative results and risks of unsettled problem for the region and world were informed within the report. The participants’ questions were responded after the lecture.

UNEC’s teacher made a report within the conference on “Balkans of the Eurasia-Power Wars in the Caucasian Region” held at the Shehir University of Istanbul. The significance of Caucasian region for global and regional powers, historical rivalry for the region and ongoing processes were commented in the report. The conference participants’ questions on the topic were answered.

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