About UNEC Ladies

07 MARCH 2017 | VIEWS:

Azerbaijani woman is the leading force of public life in education, science, economy, health, culture and in civil society building.

The role of women performing and educating at UNEC in the training of future economists are irreplaceable. We offer several statistic information:

1058 of 1661 employees of UNEC who render services to the students of the largest economy-oriented university of the region are women. More than half of 893 academic staff members are women. Our 9 professors with a special share in Azerbaijan education an economy have contributions in the development of educated and skilled cadres. 141 of 357 Associate Professors, 11 of 86 Doctors of Sciences are the members of weaker sex. 225 Doctors of Philosophy (PhD) and 2 Honorary Professors of the University are women. Special weight have those who occupy leading positions at UNEC.

The number of women are not less among the students. Let us see the statistics: about 6 thousand young ladies have chosen UNEC. 1346 of 3084 graduate students, 64 of 155 nominee doctors are women.

As a UNEC family, we congratulate all the women who work and study in our university on the occasion of the International Women’s Day- March the 8th, wish you health, happiness and success in your future plans.

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