UNEC expands its Performances in the Area of Inclusive Education



A Transaction of Cooperation has been signed between Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) and Moscow State Humanitarian and Economic University. The Transaction signed within the framework of the Conference organized by the Association of Azerbaijan- Russia Higher Education Institutions on “Current Situation of Cooperation of Russia and Azerbaijan in Education, Science and Culture and Perspectives” intends the establishment of cooperation in Inclusive Education.

The Transaction sets up a legal framework for UNEC to benefit of the experience of Russian University in involvement of people with disabilities in higher education, creation of appropriate infrastructure and adaptation of the content of educational process. The cooperation will contribute to the integration of people with disabilities in higher education and university environment in Azerbaijan and thereby will help UNEC to take active participation in strengthening their integration in community.

Namely joint projects and joint education programs will be a significant contribution to the efficient performance of the “Center for the Student with disabilities” established at UNEC to be implemented with the Russian University specialized in the field of inclusive higher education.



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