UNEC will apply the highest standards on IT education


UNEC has started cooperation with training centers and companies  that train the most powerful IT software  programmers.  

Azerbaijan State University of Economics has launched events related to the presentation of the Adaptive Education Platform. For this purpose, the head of the System Programming department at St. Petersburg State University, prof. Andrey Nikolayevich Terekhov, Marat Nemeshov, the head teacher of the department, Igor Sarychev, the general manager of  Lanit-Tercom company which are known all over the world on IT programming, trained professionals of which work in the most famous companies have been the guests of UNEC. First day prof. Andrey Terekhov made a presentation on “Experience of IT Training at St. Petersburg State University” (Cooperation with IT companies, supplementary education and technology training). The event was attended by heads of IT departments, faculties, academic staff,  masters and doctoral students. Prof. Andrey Terekhov said that the department and the company that are headed by him are currently preparing the world’s most powerful software  programmers. They have achieved this through excellent teaching of mathematics, the application of international standards in education, and close cooperation with the IT industry.

At the end of the seminar, questions that the participants are interested  in  were answered.

It should be noted that the events will continue until November 27. Tomorrow, Igor Sarychev, General Manager of Lanit-Tercom, and employee Marat Nemeshov,  will have a presentation on Adaptive Learning Platform and Adaptive Learning Opportunities. Also Professor A.N.Terehov will give a lecture on “The history of graphic technology programming at SPSU”. The lecture will be attended by students of the second and third year, who are studying in the Russian branch of the faculty of Technology and Design majoring in Information Technology and Systems Engineering.

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