UNEC’s Teacher at the University of Cambrıdge

20 JULY 2016 | VIEWS:

A teaching staff of the Department of International Economics of Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) Tahmasib Alizade attended a “40 years of the Cambridge Journal of Economics Conference” held at the University of Cambridge of Great Britain.

The conference organized by the Cambridge Association of Political Economy of the University of Cambridge listed in the top five world universities and the oldest university of the globe lasted two days. Economists of many world universities and businessmen have made presentations and joined discussions within the conference. The conference was organized in three panels. Separate and general discussions were organized on each panel. Tahmasib Alizade exchanged his views on the current state of economic education and further development during the discussions attended by the professors of the University of Cambridge.

Views on further development of the Science of Economy, economic growth and progress were heard and analysis were made in the conference.

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