UNEC starts to calculate the teaching staff’s rating


Permanent Commission on Differential Payroll System that is being applied this year at Azerbaijan State University of Economics has held its first meeting. The Permanent Commission established on the Assessment of the Teaching Staff’s Performance starts to check the information entered to the system.

Rector, Professor Adalat Muradov said that the UNEC academic staff’s interest in a new system is satisfactory. A. Muradov considers the propaganda of the system is to be made regularly to increase the teaching staff’s interest. During the session the reports on the subject were offered to be made during the Faculty Scientific Councils’ sessions.

Deputy Chairman of the Commission Elshan Baghirzade has sounded the report about the data entered to the system. He said information about 130 teachers’ pedagogical and personal development activities were entered to the system within 2 months of starting software.

Initial rating of the teaching staff members receiving the confirmation about the positive response as a result of the Commission’s monitoring was automatically determined.

Those who included in the information not complying with the rules were sent the notification through the system.

The monitoring of the data will be finalized by the Commission this week.

The application of the system aims to expand the teaching staff’s activity, increase the productivity of their individual and group efficiency among them, the creation of competitive environment and increase the level of satisfaction from their workplace and to increase the efficiency of scientific- research and administrative activities and quality of service. The performance related assessment is carried out taking into account three main areas of their activity- scientific, educational and self- development.

Salaries of the teaching staff at UNEC in accordance with the rating list of 2015/2016 academic year occupying  1-10 places will be increased 2 times, 11- 30 places 1.7 times, 31-60 places 1.5 times 61- 100 places 1.2 times.

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