UNEC and the University of Siegen start joint Spring School – “Business Fundamentals”

18 APRIL 2017 | VIEWS:

A Spring School has been launched at UNEC within the Project “EE- KEY- AZ Entrepreneurship Education: A Key to Job Creation and Employability in Azerbaijan”. The four- day Spring School will be conducted on “Entrepreneurship and Small and Medium Sized Enterprise: Business Fundamentals”.

Congratulating the students selected for the Spring School, Head of the International Relations Department Anar Kazimov wished them successes within the opening. He said the University of Siegen’s Professor Petra Moog would run the Spring School joined by 12 graduate students of UNEC and 10 of the University of Siegen. Leaders and experts of Azerbaijani businesses will share their experiences with the participants and lecture about the latest tendencies of the country’s economy. Excursions to the country’s manufacturers will also be arranged to make the participants familiar with their performances.

Masters will be assessed on the basis of their business plans and get credits in the end.

Note: The “EE- KEY- AZ Entrepreneurship Education: A key to Job Creation and Employability in Azerbaijan” Project was adopted to be funded by DAAD. The Project is intended to be implemented within 4 years and has an actions plan on several directions. The Spring School will take place through April 17 to 21.  

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