The UNEC students successfully apply their knowledge in practice

11 MAY 2018 | VIEWS:

The internship of the UNEC graduate students is continuing successfully.

35 students studying in the IV course on the specialty of Economics are undertaking the internship in the Scientific-Research and Training Center for Labor and Social Problems of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population.

During the internship, the students have been closely involved in the processes, getting acquainted in the Labor Market and Employment problems department of the Center with the labor market research and monitoring processes, including preparing the survey questionnaires and technologies for conducting the survey. In the Department of Lifestyle and Social Welfare, they got acquainted with the situation in the system of social benefits, as well as, the activities of the targeted social assistance mechanism and the innovations regarding the application of the self-help program.

At present, the students continue their internship in the Labor Conditions and Labor Protection Department getting acquainted with the organization of training for the staff preparation and organization of retraining courses.

The process of undertaking the internship is supervised by internship mentors appointed by UNEC, the professor Natig Gasimov, the associated professors Sevinj Bayramova, Hamid Zeynalov, Ismayil Ismayilov and Rashad Huseynov.

The internship mentors, appointed by the enterprise, Matlab Mahmudov and Elkhan Novruzov highly appreciated the knowledge and skills of UNEC students during undertaking the professional internship and noted that they successfully implemented their assignments.

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