UNEC Students will gather in Scientific-Analytical Center


To ensure practical application on different analysis and research activities of UNEC students’ scientific knowledge the Students’ Scientific-Analytical Center (UNEC TEAM) has been established. In the initial stage the TEAM consisting of 15 students will conduct enquiry, assessment, investigation and other similar work, working on the basis of the companies’ orders. UNEC TEAM will be regularly trained to master practical knowledge by the specialists.

To be a member of UNEC TEAM will develop students’ ability to conduct research and work with the team. It will instill the skills to work on practical issues and challenges. Different encouraging prizes are intended for the students.

Admission of documents to become a member of UNEC TEAM has been started. Students possessing knowledge in Finance, Marketing, Economics and Statistics, at the same time basic level of MS Excel and MS Windows skills, the English language skills, proper communication and team work skills are eligible to apply. Students who passed the first stage will be invited to an interview. Student’s language skills and ability to analyze real short problems will be checked within the interview.

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