UNEC Student will be able to use the laboratories of the Institute of Oil- Chemical Processes


Scientific- practical workshop has been held at the School of Commodity Research of Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC). The seminar organized by the Department of Examination of Consumer Products aims to get the academic and student staffs familiar with the achievements gained in the field of oil processing and chemistry, at the same time, to deliver the information about the assortment of products to be produced by the complex chemical industries and measures done for security.

The Director of the Institute of Oil- Chemical Processes, academician Vagif Abbasov spoke about the main tasks to increase students’ interest in science and to lift the role of quality assessment experts in modern consumer market. He said that in modern era the role of staff on the expertise of consumer products in providing the consumers with high- quality consumer products that meet the safety indicators is undisputable.

Dean of the School of Commodity Research Tofig Osmanov spoke about the challenges faced by young people in studying the mysteries of science. Head of the Department Examination of Consumer Products, Professor Ali Panah Hasanov talked the young researchers who raise Azerbaijan’s name with their own researches in the world’s leading countries and universities.

At the end of the event UNEC students were offered to use the laboratories of the Institute of Oil- Chemical Processes.

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