UNEC will conduct digital marketing of foreign markets for domestic exporters



A Digital Marketing Center was set up at UNEC.

The main mission of the Digital Marketing Center (DMC) is to evaluate new opportunities in the field of modern market research and export with the innovative methods. With the support of the Center, the companies exporting non-oil products will conduct operational, reliable and specific investigations of foreign markets by saving time and financial costs, including brand and product promotion, and deliver information to potential customers. DMC will prepare periodic reports on Azerbaijan digital marketing market and will form a digital database for local exporters.

DMC, acting as a training center, will organize online webinars of foreign experts, including training and seminars of the well-known experts in the country. At the same time, the training center will train the specialists of social media in marketing. It will train social networking and effective advertising activities such as Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, with a wide user audience. The Center will also provide digital marketing support to UNEC startups, as well as a meeting of experts on this area. At the same time, Google AdWords and Google AdSense will organize online certification examinations on digital marketing.

The DMC, which aims to collaborate with the Global Digital Marketing Association and the Digital Marketing Institute, will organize a Digital Marketing Forum to evaluate prospects for research, per year.

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