Re-training is a form of additional education to implement the citizens requirement to receive new specialty of major on the relevant area who work in any field of labor and has initial specialized training and serves to meet the real needs for cadres more rapidly and flexible. This form of education is the additional training taught to specialists provided not more than estimated hours of the academic year between the basic education program and the program to be obtained on the major. List of the majors allowed to re-training, as well as the basic majors required to obtain are defined by the secondary education institutions and adopted every year.

Every audience who successfully masters the curriculum on re- training and passes state attestation is awarded a single state document-diploma.

A diploma about re-training is submitted during the recruitment process together with the basic education documents and possess legal basis.

Trainings in World Economy and Finance is conducted in the groups with higher education and in Financial Affairs is conducted in the groups with the vocational specialized education.

Admission to re-training on the majors below is realized in the Center for 2015/2016 academic year:

  • World Economy
  • Finance
  • Financial Affairs (vocational specialized)
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