The Mind should be protected in advance

Meeting with a skilled ophthalmologist Nigar Huseynova has been held in the Russian School of Economics of Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC). A Deputy Director of the Russian School of Economics Anar Eyyubov said one of the main liabilities of every higher educational institution for its students is engaging them in a healthy life and instilling them the importance of health care from now. He delivered the information that Nigar Huseynova continued her qualification in Russia, follows the latest innovations in ophthalmology and applies them in practice as an eye surgeon.

Nigar Huseynova made an interesting presentation for the students. Bringing the examples of life, she spoke about the eye problems that young people may face and provided them with detailed information about how to prevent and treat them. Stressing the significance of approaching to our eyes with care in the contemporary age when computer technologies became a part of our lives, she mentioned the latest developments and opportunities in ophthalmology. At the end of the meeting Ms. Huseynova gave her advice to those who addressed their concrete questions on eye problems.


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