Bachelor of Science in in World Economy

This course takes students through the major macro issues relating to the modern world of international business. The course is about the world environment of business addressed at a global, national and regional level. It does not address specific firm management topics, but rather is complementary to those topics.

The course looks at the modern concept of globalization, its causes and effects, the increasing importance of world financial markets, the multinational enterprise and government policies affecting the internationalization of business, and the likely future directions of world business in a global context.

The course reviews the major economies of the world, their participation in the globalization process and a range of economic multilateral institutions. Criticisms of globalization are also discussed. The main goal of the course is to build up the understanding of the theory and policy of the contemporary global economics.



The focus of the course is not only on traditional theories of international economics, i.e. on international trade, finance, and growth but on modern trends of economic development and on the latest empirical research in the most significant spheres of the global economics.

  1. World Economy
  2. International Economics
  3. International economic organizations
  4. International commercila transactions
  5. Transnational corporations
  6. International transport operations


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