All of this shows that mankind is awakening and accepting the

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2012 The Dance of Planets and the Polar Shift

canada goose factory sale Recently released diagrams on the site Zeta Talk canada goose coats show how the planets in our solar system are reacting to Nibiru Planet X’s orbit of our Sun. In this article Nibiru Planet X December 30, we will review how Nibiru Planet X’s orbit around our Sun is affecting the Earth and the continued Polar Shift of our planet. canada goose factory sale

The coverup of Nibiru Planet X continues to Canada Goose Outlet keep the public guessing but just recently ordinary citizens revealed startling new evidence that it is here and is the reason for all of the unusual weather and tectonic plate movement we are experiencing world wide.

Canada Goose Jackets In the video to the right Amateur Astronomer Sees Nibiru, Planet X, Wormwood for the first Time, start watching around the 7 minute mark, the maker of the video is obviously in love with the sound cheap Canada Goose of his own voice and rambles for about 6 and half minutes before revealing Nibiru Planet canada goose coats on sale X. Canada Goose Jackets

uk canada goose outlet This next video shows a beam of light from a second sun lighting up the sky canada goose clearance on the opposite side canada goose black friday sale of the horizon from the setting sun. Without the knowledge of Nibiru Planet X in our solar system this would be very difficult to explain. uk canada goose outlet

These are just two examples that ordinary citizens are waking up to the fact that Nibiru Planet X canada goose store is here and causing the current Polar Shift, extreme weather and increase in tectonic plate movement world wide.

uk canada goose Earthquakes and VolcanoesEarthquakes and volcanic activity has been on the rise in recent months, showing that the Earth’s tectonic plates are indeed moving and adjusting to the magnetic force of Nibiru Planet X in our solar system. uk canada goose

Although the Mainstream Media (MSM) have been told not to report this information to the public, some of this information still bleeds through. Let’s take a quick look at some of the more extreme earthquakes and volcanic eruptions recently. Volcano News is an excellent site to get more details on Canada Goose sale these volcanic eruptions.

Pacaya Volcano Guatemala December 29, 2012 This volcano is now showing signs that it is becoming active with three explosions on Dec. 28.

San Cristobal Volcano Nicaragua December 28, 2012 The eruptions continue to intensify forcing many nearby residents from their homes as ash and gas clouds have become common everyday occurrence.

Copahue Volcano Chile December 27, 2012 This active volcano continues to send an ash plume more than 10,000 feet into the atmosphere.

canada goose uk black friday Mammoth Mountain (Long Valley Caldera) United States December 28, 2012 Many small earthquake swarms have been reported in the area leading researcher’s to believe this region maybe building to volcanic activity. canada goose uk black friday

Many strong earthquakes world wide continue to wreak havoc in nations with poor building code standards such as Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, Indonesia, India, the Caribbean and South America.

Canada Goose Online Diagrams and Dancing PlanetsThe diagram above shows the orbits of Mercury, Venus, the Dark Twin, the Earth and Nibiru Planet X as they travel through our solar system and helps to explain how this will affect the Earth in the coming months. What is important to note is how the planet Earth will be pulled closer to our Sun during the hours preceding the Pole Shift, inside the orbit of Venus. Canada Goose Online

The back dot in the diagram is the Earth’s twin, a black rock devoid of life, that normally orbits on the same path as Earth (blue dot) just on the completely opposite side of our buy canada goose jacket cheap Sun, which is why we never see it. The public has never been told about this planet but it has been seen as a very faint planet in recent months that many people have mistaken as our Moon. It is currently right behind the planet Earth but because it reflects no light can rarely be seen.

buy canada goose jacket The orbits of Venus, the Dark Twin and Earth buy canada goose jacket are all being affected by Nibiru Planet X as it orbits our Sun and tries to escape our solar system back into the blackness of space on its long journey back to Earth’s Binary sun. buy canada goose jacket

Canada Goose online Because Nibiru Planet Canada Goose Jackets X is a magnetic Canada Goose Parka planet the same as Earth and has a stronger magnetic force than Earth, when it gets canadian goose jacket pulled closer to our Sun as it leaves our solar system it brings the Earth with it, 30,000,000 miles closer to our Sun. This time will be the days leading up to the Polar Shift and stoppage of the Earth’s rotation. As Nibiru Planet X leaves our solar system it will cause the Earth’s core to shift dramatically which in turn will cause the Earth’s crust or mantel to shift as well. Canada Goose online

Because the Earth will be briefly pulled past the orbit of Venus, this planet will grow in size in our skies. Both Venus and the Dark Twin will be released from their retarded orbits and move back into their normal positions.

The Earth will be held stationary in Nibiru Planet X’s magnetic grip with the Earth’s canada goose outlet rotation coming to a stop for three days. One side of the Earth will be in light and the other side in darkness, as it is no longer rotating. As Nibiru Planet X begins to leave our solar system it will jerk the South Pole up 90 causing the Polar Shift.

canada goose store This time on our planet will cause much confusion as the general public will not be prepared for these events, many will perish in the ensuing chaos and darkness, even before the Pole Shift occurs. This is what The Powers That Be have been with holding from the public, because they fear if the truth were to be revealed many would panic before these events take place and stop going to their jobs, which would cause the infrastructure to breakdown and anarchy would ensue. canada goose store

canada goose coats on sale Remember those in Power wish to remain there right up to the end when many will retreat to their underground bunkers and other safe havens prearranged and stocked for survival. They hope to keep this information from being recognized as the truth, so that they may reap the benefits of an unaware public, don’t let them share this article Nibiru Planet X December 30, with others. canada goose coats on sale

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From the recently discovered ‘Breach’ in the Magnetosphere to World wide ‘extreme weather’, the disinformation from government sources canada goose clearance sale provides an already suspicious public with answers but are they the correct answers? Learn how the Earth’s MagneticNibiru Planet X Tunnel Collapse, Train Derailments, Sinkholes and More are Signs of the Polar Shift

canada goose uk outlet The geographical upheavals and tectonic plate movement globally are causing a plethora of natural disasters. However the mainstream media is not adding these together to paint a clear picture of the Polar Shift. This article attempts to bring these eNibiru Planet X October 8, 2012 Disclosure of the Apocalypse Imminent canada goose uk outlet

As the Polar Shift continues due to the presence of Nibiru Planet X some of the warning signs are not just the geographical upheavals and extreme weather but our own World Leaders. Their behavior can alert us to the impending danger, learn to become

cheap canada goose uk ConclusionsWhile The Powers That Be continue to remain silent about the impending Polar Shift due to Nibiru Planet X in our solar system, it is becoming more accepted by the public as each day passes. If full disclosure doesn’t happen soon those in control of the dispersal of information run the risk of being ignored completely once they do let the cat out of the bag. cheap canada goose uk

Thousands of amateur astronomers and ordinary citizens, now that they know what to look for, are capturing photos of Nibiru Planet X everyday and seeing it with their own eyes. Many are no longer denying its existence and are beginning to awaken to it from the sheer mountains of evidence world wide, in the form of extreme weather, sinkholes, natural gas explosions, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other unusual and unexplainable phenomenon in our skies and on the planet.

Canada Goose Outlet Stories of ordinary citizens creating safe havens for themselves and others are becoming common place in the news and on the internet. Organizations are being formed to help people become aware of Nibiru Planet X’s existence and to help them prepare for the Polar Shift. Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose black friday sale The internet has far more credible articles on canada goose deals the subject and of course it is also flooded with disinformation stories as well. All of this shows that mankind is awakening and accepting the reality of Nibiru Planet X and are no longer willing to trust the MSM to report the truth. Even the disinformation articles are important as it allows for the public to distinguish between fact and fiction and enables us to find the truth. It also shows the public how desperate The Powers That Be have become in spreading disinformation on a subject they insist isn’t real. canada goose black friday sale

canada goose uk shop As more and more people recognize the obvious signs that this planet is here now, it becomes easier to share this information such as this article Nibiru Planet X December 30, with my readers, thank you for reading canada goose uk shop.

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