According to the Education Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan the doctorate degree is the highest level of higher education that not only provides the preparation of scientific and scientific-pedagogical staff but also ensures the advancement of qualifications and academic degrees.

The main purpose of doctoral studies is to grow young, highly qualified scientific and scientific pedagogical staff in different fields of science in accordance with the State policy in the field of education considering the needs of society and the labor market.

Doctoral studies are carried out through the Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Sciences degree programs on a full-time and a part-time basis.

Scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel staff training in Ph.D program is launched out through the dissertation. Doctorate education is carried out on a state-funded or a paid basis.

The duration of Ph.D. degree program constitutes 3 years, and the doctoral degree program on a part-time basis and the dissertation degree program encompasses 4 years respectively. The duration of the Doctor of Science degree program is 4 years, and the Doctor of Science degree program on a part-time basis and the dissertation degree program constitutes 5 years separately.





Doctoral programs offered at UNEC.

3309.01. Food Science and Technology

5301.01. International fiscal policy and public finance

5302.01. Econometrics, Economic statistics

5303.01. Accounting

5307.01. Economic theory

5308.01. General Economics

5310.01. World Economy

5312.01. Field economics

3313.01. Machinery, equipment and processes

3333.01. Organization of production (by fields)


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