The scientific seminar of young researchers of UNEC: “The modern problems of national economy”

05 MARCH 2018 | VIEWS:

The scientific seminar of young researchers was held at UNEC.

The young researchers, doctoral students and the candidates for the degree participated in the seminar held within the framework of the action plan for “Scientific Research Year”. In the seminar dedicated to the topic “The modern problems of the national economy”, the head of the Science department , the professor Zahid Mammadov spoke about the actual problems of the national economy and the methods of real approach to them.

The head of the Doctoral studies department, the associated professor Hamid Hamidov clarified the new standards of the doctoral research for the young researchers and noted that the new standards and modern methods should be reflected in the research papers. He emphasized the importance of using the research methods, economic models and the mathematical methods in the research papers.

In the seminar was provided the detailed information on the requirements for writing the research papers, publication of the scientific results, plagiarism rules and the republican conferences that would be held in future.

The seminar was organized jointly by the Doctoral Studies Department and the Young Scientists Council.

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