Lawmakers plan to question Interior Minister Gerard Collomb

05 İYUN 2014 | VIEWS:

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buy canada goose jacket Benalla then left the scene.The four others in custody are Vincent Crase, who worked for Macron canada goose outlet store near me political party and was by Benalla side on the day of the attack, as well as three police canada goose factory outlet vancouver officers suspected of illegally passing footage of the events to Benalla earlier this week.Benalla was fired by the presidential palace Friday and investigators raided his house Saturday.Macron political adversaries have seized the opportunity. Les Republicans party leader Laurent Wauquiez said the government was to conceal a matter of state leader Marine Le Pen tweeted: Macron doesn explain himself, the Benalla affair will become the Macron affair. Lawmakers plan to question Interior Minister Gerard Collomb this week as Macron government faces mounting criticism over how it canada goose outlet new york initially disciplined Benalla.The uproar over Benalla earlier punishment a two week suspension and a change in responsibilities upended regular business in parliament.Suspicion also has surfaced over what appeared to be inconsistent answers from Macron canada goose outlet las vegas office. buy canada goose jacket

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Canada Goose Jackets In a statement, YouTube said: “We take safety on YouTube very seriously. We work closely with leading child canada goose outlet online store review safety organisations and others in our industry to protect young people. When we’re made aware of serious allegations of this nature we take action, which may include suspending monetisation, or, upon conclusion of an investigation, terminating channels.” Canada Goose Jackets.

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