Mostly it comes down to instant damage and the fact that its

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Cinch an oversized print blouse with a belt and pair with leggings. Large print mission accomplished!Match your accessories to your prints. This isn’t your grandmother’s matching handbag and shoes. 4 points submitted 26 days agoI still a firm believer that the best tactic is practically spamming kinetic artillery and mega cannons on your battlecruisers (as well as titans). Also keep maybe 8 battlecruisers to every 30 corvettes, 10 12 destroyers to 30 corvettes, and around 5 6 cruisers to that.Mostly it comes down to instant damage and the fact that its some of the most repeatable tech to use kinetic artillery, you will tear enemy fleets apart before they get close, and easily tech up kinetic damage through engineering (just always ignoring missiles). Corvettes for PD (since they are in the front, they might as well take it out early, just one PD each though).

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