Perfect pivots, effortless spins, classy and understated

31 MAY 2014 | VIEWS:

Faye Tozer tops leaderboard after lindyhop

canada goose black friday sale Well, there’s bound to be a post mortem production meeting after that unholy mess. Saturday night’sshow climaxed with all seven couples taking to the floor at the same time for Strictly’s first ever lindy hop athon. canada goose black friday sale

Instead the drama unfolded behind the judges’ table. Confusion reigned. Wrong names were read out. Pro dancers looked offended.

canada goose factory sale It’s coming to something when Bruno Tonioli is the organised one, as he ran through the results again for clarity. Thank goodness for Darcey Bussell and Claudia Winkleman puncturing the fraught mood with self deprecating wit. This was areminder of the perils of live TV and a salutary lesson for Strictly producers. Sort it out next year,please. canada goose factory sale

canada goose store She won’t be descending on a giant stick of Blackpool rock this time. Great tune from the Kill Bill Vol 2 soundtrack. They’ve been calling it “the Paso Dooley” in training. Stacelooking fierce in black with smoky eyes. Fluttery fan ography, swishy skirt ography and flamenco feel. Plenty of drama and attack, lacking a bit of curved shaping at times but she’s got great attitude and this is beautifully choreographed. canada goose clearance Handclaps, Changes of gear, Imperious stamps. Brilliant. canada goose store

Canada Goose online Music: ‘Malaguena’ byBrian Setzer Canada Goose online

canada goose uk black friday Judges’ verdict: Craig says “economically,styled out, Kevinyou made Stacey look amazing”. Darcey sys “you ate upthe dancefloor, dramatic, powerful, brilliant”. Shirley sys “you challenged her Canada Goose Outlet beyond a beginner, Stacey looked like a star, it was brilliant”. Bruno concludes “100% genuine, fantastically choreographed, you killed everybull in your path”. Tens en route? canada goose uk black friday

Judges’ scores:9, 10, 10, 10for a total of 39 points. Her first 10s. Joint top with Faye. Ol!

canada goose coats She was bitterly disappointed to finish bottom of the Blackpool scoreboard and is determined to come back strongly. canada goose store Pool hall setting, for some reason, and dancing on thetable to start. AJ has adapted the armography cleverly for her but this is lacking hip action, sauce and spice. Spectacular lifts but it feels stilted and placed. She needs to loosen up and bring out the cheekiness more. Not her dance but a sharp ending. canada goose coats

cheap canada goose uk Music: ‘Familiar’ byLiam Payne and J Balvin cheap canada goose uk

Judges’ verdict:Darcey says “intricate, complex choreography,the feet got messy, soften the knees but not bad”. Shirley says “not your best Canada Goose Jackets number canada goose coats on sale but I enjoyed certain parts, the feet seemed to be sliding around and not enough rhythmin the body”. Bruno says “difficult and demanding but you managed well, give it welly, sell it, don’t be hestitant, be a bad girl”. Craig concludes “rather lacklustre and haphazard placement, pigeon toed at times, a shame”.

Judges’ scores:5, cheap Canada Goose 6, 6, 6 for a total of 23 points. Lauren looks gutted. Bottom so far.

They’ve had a rollercoaster of a contest but hit a high with their Blackpool samba. Now will their fortunes go up or down? He’s had trouble with the technique in training. Green outfits, godawful version of the song nd he needs to get down in the knees more. Clunky, gapping and tentative footwork. Acquires some much needed snap and buy canada goose jacket staccato halfway through. Floor spins to finish. Passionate and dramatic but better Canada Goose Parka out of hold.

Music: ‘Eleanor Rigby’ byBig Country (originally by The Beatles)

canada goose clearance sale Judges’ verdict:Shirley says “elements were very good but timing was off, listen to the music”. Bruno says “it was like a mean, moody soap opera, you were in leading man mode but you got too steppy and lacked light and shade”. canada goose clearance sale Craig says “lacked drive across floor, feet turned in, thumb popped up and it felt like a paso frame rather than a tango V shape but you’re really exciting to watch”. Darcey concludes “loved the serious side, clipped canada goose transitions, timing problems but I like it a lot”. canada goose clearance sale

Judges’ scores:6, 8, 8, 8 for a total of 30 points. He’ll take that but second from bottom so far.

This couldn’t be a starker contrast to last week’s Blackpool quickstep. They’ve opted for a basketball themed streetdance. Lots of props: basketballs, benches, whistles, towels. Doesn’t drop the ball, thankfully, and this is very good indeed. Floor slides, physically challenging. Some towel ography like Charles Venn’s hankies. Hip hop swagger, breakdance shapes, bagsof kid friendly fun.

Music: ‘Jump Around’ byHouse of Pain

canadian goose jacket Judges’ verdict:Darcey says “old skool hip hop on Strictly, loving it, risky tricks and demanding floorwork but use your thighs a bit more”. Shirley says “I loved it, you used different tools, you canada goose black friday sale had small balls and big balls (oo er) but in sync and spot on”. Bruno says “inventive, witty, demanding but you made it look spontaneous like a born performer”. Craig concludes “I could see you concentrating too much, got out of sync, needed more grunge, earth and homeboy but we all adore watching you”. canadian goose jacket

Canada Goose sale Judges’ scores:7, 8, 10, Canada Goose sale 10for a total of 35 points. A bit over marked, maybe, but third so far. Canada Goose sale

Canada Goose Outlet They canada goose outlet were going to dance an American Smooth but had to change because Giovanni is carrying a back injury and can’t do lifts. Cracking song. She’s in a gorgeous red frock, he’s in tails, romantic mood and canadian goose jacket slow, graceful flow around the floor. Perfect pivots, effortless spins, classy and understated. This is lovely. Bravo. Canada Goose Outlet

uk canada goose Music: ‘See The Day’ byDee C Lee uk canada goose

Judges’ verdict:Craig says “I loved it, graceful, elegant, buy canada goose jacket cheap gorgeous rise and fall”. Darcey says “it all came together, divine rotation, seamless, beautiful work”. Shirley says “youput long hours into that, brush steps and oversway, spectacular pivots, it was exquisite”. Bruno says “effortlessly classic, refined, polished and poised”. And then he spoils it by falling off his chair into poor Shirley’s bosom. Oh, Bruno. But tens a coming?

canada goose uk shop Judges’ scores:9, 10, 10, 10 for a total of 39points. Top so far, unsurprisingly. canada goose uk shop

cheap Canada Goose Can last week’s leaderboard topper keep up her perfect 40 form? She’s in a gold fluffy dress, bringing the Rio carnival to, ahem, Borehamwood. Some feather ography to open, as camp as Christmas. Supple, fluid and good musicality. Lots ofshimmies and hip shakes. Hard to tell who the pro is at times. Very good indeed, if not quite as technically on point as some of her previous routines. cheap Canada Goose

buy canada goose jacket cheap Judges’ verdict:Bruno emerges from behind his feathery fan andsays “you’ve blown my thermostat, the isolation in your hips was criminally good, they’re lethal weapons”. Craig says “hit it a little too hard and became staccato but what you lacked in technique you made up for in performance, my darling”. Darcey says “a full routine, wanted more bounce and softness but you sold it”. Shirley concludes “personality and gyrations second to Canada Goose online none but soften the knees” buy canada goose jacket cheap.

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