So I want to be saving a little for a down payment

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Canada Goose Coats On Sale I worked in a cupcake shop for a year and people get way angrier about these stupid tiny cakes than you’d believe. My favorite story is about a woman who came in to pick up an order that she placed for blue gender reveal cupcakes. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

On her order sheet, it said blue frosting, but didn’t specify a shade, so we chose buy canada goose jacket cheap a light blue since it was for a baby shower. When she came to pick it up she was furious that it was “aqua” and not “baby blue”.

The manager offered to make her new cupcakes with lighter frosting for free. The process of mixing frosting doesn’t involve touching or coming close to it, so he wasn’t wearing gloves. As he was stirring the dye into the frosting, she said she didn’t want it anymore since he was making it with his “filthy disgusting hands”.

canadian goose jacket She proceeded to throw the box with the initial order at the counter, and seeing that it didn’t Canada Goose Outlet do much, she picked up the individual cupcakes and threw them at the ground and toward the register. canadian goose jacket

canada goose uk black friday When we tried to give her a refund we asked for the last four digits of her card number to confirm it. She canada goose refused, saying she wasn’t going to share that personal information in front of “all these people”. two high school cashiers and one manager. canada goose uk black friday

cheap canada goose uk Edit: I wasn’t the one who gave her the refund and if it was up to me I wouldn’t have. The store manager gave her a refund canada goose coats on sale because he wanted to avoid her making an even bigger scene. cheap canada goose uk

Canada Goose online Edit 2: She wasn’t pregnant! she was just a friend or relative picking them up for the party. Canada Goose online

canada goose iamverytiredrightnow 21 points submitted 10 days ago canada goose

That’s so awesome :)! Today I had an 11 top of a few families in the midst of serving two big Canada Goose online birthday party reservations. The cooks missed the last couple items on the check (which were for the kids, two sassy girls that confronted me about it lol), but the parents were very understanding and we made it very fast so nobody went hungry. I realized the POS somehow didn’t save the way I split the seats and after trying to remember canada goose clearance sale and fix it for like seven minutes and getting super behind I just printed three checks and had them initial canada goose deals their items, which took even longer because I still messed that up. They were still so patient and ended up leaving a total of about 50 bucks on their $150 bill (they had a deprecate bar tab for drinks because the bartender wasn’t doing well and I was trying to help her out). Even though it wasn’t a crazy high amount, I really just needed every penny to cover some overdraft fees and the sheer kindness meant so much :)

canada goose clearance sale Because of the time limit that you have (like wood runes only lasting a few seconds), I canada goose coats say that your “smart phones” should probably change some. I say that canada goose clearance they are really expensive at least at first, like being on platinum or something. cheap Canada Goose Otherwise they wouldn be Canada Goose Parka very useful if they only had a tiny “battery” life. canada goose clearance sale

I love to use heat as a power source for something like this. So maybe they carry a rune on a small piece of wood that converts fuel into power. Basically if they carry that rune and fuel (like wood chips or coal), the phone can convert the heat that rune produces into power. This also means that the mage can use body heat to power it in emergencies, but that can be very risky and potentially fatal if they drain too much heat

canada goose coats on sale Imanton1 3 points submitted 20 days ago canada goose coats on sale

I agree that phones would change, but maybe in just how they work, six seconds is enough to say is the rune for XOR and have it write it out in the free space, or on another piece of You wouldn even have to say it aloud, these casters seem smart enough for it to read whatever you wrote and just activate and it would write the answer below it. You wouldn need it constantly on, just on long enough to activate the and get the answer. Therefor even the cheapest materials should work, unless there isn light speed canada goose outlet communications, which should be simple for these people. Even further, you could just write phone below, and have it make another phone, as runes can write more runes.

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uk canada goose outlet Depending on your salary (tax bracket) you may want to consider an after tax account. It’s not as tax efficient, but having liquidity is underrated, especially for a young person such as yourself who may want to move, buy a home, or start a business within the next decade. Having $500k saved in a 401k and only having free access to whatever’s in your checking account is not good, even though it may be optimal from a tax avoidance perspective. uk canada goose outlet

JJMivy 1 point submitted 23 days ago

$30k is a lot of cash at your age and spending level. Unless you are planning a big purchase in the near future, or are in a job with a high likelihood of job loss, I would encourage you to focus on the 401k, then a TradIRA once the 401k is maxed out.

Canada Goose Jackets MadFIentist did a good overview of how the numbers work out pre tax vs. after tax. He gives an example similar to your situation and comes up with a difference of $100,000 after about 30 yrs using tax advantaged accounts. I wanting to move jobs in 9 12 months to a new city and when I do buy canada goose jacket I want to house hack by buying a triplex or 4plex. So I want to be saving a little for a down payment. But I not positive I have a job there/when I could get it. Canada Goose Jackets

Canada Goose sale Also I only making 36k in this job so I been going Roth, since it not enough for taxes to be huge yet and it gives me flexibility later. Why do you recommend traditional? Canada Goose sale

Thanks for the article! I Canada Goose Jackets read it after work

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canada goose clearance I like to perform a rebalance as I way over allocated in stocks right now. I like to buy canada goose store a bond index fund (vanguard). I a little confused about where (taxable vs IRA) and how to do this though, as I only ever put money into Vanguard, never sold or re allocated funds. My situation is as follows: canada goose clearance

42k in VTSAX in Vanguard taxable account

canada goose factory sale 26k in VTTSX (target retirement 2060) in Vanguard Roth IRA canada goose factory sale

28k in VFFVX (target retirement 2055) in employer 401k

canada goose black friday sale planning to put another $500 into the IRA and another $1000 3000 in the taxable this year. I thinking that I like to get $10k going in to VBTLX but I don know how to do it. Should I sell some of my VTTSX and buy VBTLX in my Roth? Should I do that with the 401k instead? canada goose black friday sale Should I do this with VTSAX in taxable? or should I do a combination? I know it ignorant, but I don really understand how taxes relate to all of this yet canada goose black friday sale.

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