So, since we only wanted a small, informal wedding (about 55

25 APREL 2014 | VIEWS:

Backyard Wedding Breakdown

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We just got our photos back from our 9/1 wedding and so I thought I’d finally share our breakdown and vendor recommendations now that I have the photos to go with it! Here are the photos!

Canada Goose sale My husband and I got married in my parent’s backyard in Northern VA. Originally we were looking for a barn/outdoor venue but were quickly priced out of anything that we liked (it was basically either venue or honeymoon, not both). So, since we only wanted a small, informal wedding (about 55 people) my parents agreed to let us take over their house for the cheap Canada Goose summer. canada goose outlet They are champs. Canada Goose sale

canada goose clearance The day was amazing. After mooooonths of yardwork, the backyard looked gorgeous. My DOC did an AMAZING job (she’s actually my boss so sorry she’s not for hire lol) and on the day it looked like exactly what was in my head! The weather forecast was all over the place the week of the wedding, and luckily the rain held off until after the ceremony and portraits. canada goose clearance

buy canada goose jacket cheap It BUCKETED down after that, so we had to quickly move all the tables and chairs inside the house, which was cramped, but honestly, perfect for us. We used the porch as a dance floor, gave speeches in the kitchen, and danced in the rain at the end of the night. The only thing I was sad about was that I had spent the entire morning setting up a tulle backdrop to cover the unsightly wall under the deck where the tables were and it was gorgeous. buy canada goose jacket cheap

On to the budget! This isn’t going to be 100% accurate but the big items are there. Keep in mind, my parents refused to let us pay for the yardwork (which included an insane amount of mulch and a new deck under the porch).

canada goose uk black friday Dress: Blythe at BHLDN $800, very simple alterations $150 (parents paid for both). canada goose uk black friday

Grooms Suit: Joseph A Banks, got a great deal $250

uk canada goose Hair: Alysha Marie at Concihairge $200 for my and my sister’s hair. She was AMAZING and stepped in last minute when I had issues with my stylist. uk canada goose

Makeup: $300 for canada goose store me buy canada goose jacket cheap and three other people. My MUA is Azita M. I only have her phone number so if anyone is interested in booking her let me know and I can get you in touch! She’s based out of Baltimore and only does that part time but she did a great job my makeup looked flawless even after an hour of dancing in the rain!

canada goose uk shop Photography: $1800 Jeff Thatcher Photography. He was canada goose clearance wonderful and especially for how affordable he was (compared to other local photographers) we are super happy! canada goose uk shop

canada goose uk outlet Food Drink: approx $2000. We bought beer and wine from Costco, and appetizers and desserts (even our cake this was one of our first fuck it bucket items) from Wegmans. For dinner we had a pizza truck! Pizzeria Moto was fantastic and about $25 pp. We got SO many compliments on the food. They Canada Goose Outlet brought a very cool set up, complete with pizza oven, and literally just kept making pizza until we were full. Awesome. canada goose uk outlet

Rentals: $900 from Sammy’s Rentals out of Manassas. They were the most affordable in the area Canada Goose sale and were good. On the day they brought the wrong chairs but immediately rectified the issue.

buy canada goose jacket Flowers: $300 we bought a ton of hydrangeas and baby’s breath from Wegmans. Service and price was great, and we had waaaay more flowers than we needed. buy canada goose jacket

Canada Goose Jackets Bridal bouquet/boutonnire/corsages: $200 from DriedFlowersForever on Etsy. They are fragile but gorgeous and already preserved! Canada Goose Jackets

Music: $150 we bought a big portable speaker from Costco and I spent an insane amount of time making our own playlists on Spotify. It worked our pretty well, but I did spent a hell of a lot of time perfecting the playlists.

uk canada goose outlet ADA bathrooms: $250 from United Site Services. Both of my husbands parents are in wheelchairs so we had to rent an ADA ports potty for the event. This company was great and even managed to get the bathroom into our garage uk canada goose outlet.

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