ASUE Employees toured to Europe within the TEMPUS Project

05 MARCH 2015 | VIEWS:

The working group on the TEMPUS Project on “The Establishment of a Foundation for the Integration of Disabled People (ESFIDIP) into HEIs of Azerbaijan of Azerbaijan State University of Economics was on study tour in Austria, Poland and Greece to learn the relevant experience of the partner universities of Europe.

ASUE was represented by the employee of the Department of “Protection and Economy of Environment” Sevinj Sakmanli at the University of Macedonia, the International Relations Department employees Gulshan Veliyeva at Graz University and Beyim Nabiyeva at Lodz University.

Within the tour our employees got familiar with activities of the center established in the Higher Educational Institutions for the people, who need special care, segregation of duties of the staff, services provided by the university to its disabled students, rehabilitation center and conditions created for disabled students of the university at the library and lecture rooms. Besides, they were informed about the involvement of the students with disabilities to the training and organization of work with them, their participation in the internship programs, services provided for them within the training and etc.

The delegation also took part in the commemoration ceremony organized on the occasion of the 23rd anniversary of Khojali Massacre by the Embassy of Azerbaijan to Poland and Azerbaijani students studying at Lodz University.

Note: The representatives of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population and non-government organizations as well had taken part in the project involving a number of the universities of Azerbaijan and Europe. The establishment of the Center for the people who need special care at ASUE and development of the statue are intended to be realized in the next stage of the project.

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