Azizov Agil Nizami oghlu 

A.Azizov was born in 1987 in the region Amasya of Western Azerbaijan (at present Armenia).

He got his bachelor’s degree in the specialty of Management and administration at Baku State University and he got his master’s degree in the same specialty at the Azerbaijan State Oil ad Industry University.

In 2010-2012 years he worked in the positions of the specialist, then the leading expert in the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

In 2012-2014, within the framework of the State Program on Education of Azerbaijani Youth abroad he got the master’s degree level education in Accounting and Finance specialty at the Queen’s Belfast University (Queen’s University Belfast) in the Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

In 2014, he worked in the positions of the Financial Analyst in the Investment Management Department in “Azerenerji” OJSC and the Senior Specialist in Market Risk Management at “Turanbank”.

Since 2014 he has been delivering the lessons in Accounting and Finance in English at UNEC.

In April-November months of 2016 year he worked as a program manager at UNEC Business School.

From November 2016 to October 2018 he worked as the deputy head of the Sabah center at UNEC.

He is the teacher of the “International Economics” (English speaking) chair at UNEC.

In October 2018, he was appointed to the position of Director of the UNEC International School of Economics.

Aqil_4802межд.эк.школаUNEC-də Məzun günü – Bakalavr və magistrlərə Avropa universitetlərinin diplomları verildiUNEC-də Məzun günü – Bakalavr və magistrlərə Avropa universitetlərinin diplomları verildi




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The UNEC teacher Agil Azizov – short film

The Education TV– the internet television of the Ministry of Education has prepared the short films about the alumni of the State Program on Education Abroad. One of the films is about the young teacher of the Azerbaijan State Economic University (UNEC) Agil Azizov. In the film A. Azizov shares his experience with the students wishing to continue their education abroad, speaks of student-teacher relations. The teaching process of A. Azizov has been presented in the film, as well.