vusala_3248.S/t. Musayeva Vusala Haji

She was born on the 14th of June, 1975 in Tartar city of Azerbaijan.

She finished Tartar District School number 1 with a silver medal in 1992.

In 1993 she entered the Merchandising & Commersion Institute to the faculty of non-commodity goods, and in 1997 finished her bachelor degree with a Distinction Diploma. After that she had her Master’s degree programme in the same faculty, having finished that in 1999, also with a Distinction Diploma. At the same year she started as the senior department assistant in the Institute of Merchandising & Commersion in the Department of non-commodity goods.

She started having her own hourly lessons in the Institute. In 2001 she became a Department assistant in State Economic University of Azerbaijan Republic, Department of “Quality expertise of consumption goods”, from 2003 she is the head lecturer.

From 2014 she is the dissertant of ANAS (Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences). With the purpose of increasing the quality of education in the university (UNEC) and get rid of any possible arising problems, she was assigned to be “the quality expert” there.

She is the author of 43 research papers (25 thesises, 11 articles, 5 typical programs, 2 textbooks).

She is married and has one child.