Our Eternal Student – Ramzi Asgerov

21 JANUARY 2016 | VIEWS:

Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) pays tribute to the martyrs who died for the defense of our territories…

Today is our eternal student Ramzi Asgerov’s birthday. He lived for only 24 years. An unforgettable lifetime erected to the top of the martyrdom.

Ramzi Asgerov was born on January 21 1967 in Lachin. He was the third son of the family. While still at school he had dreamed of being a soldier. He wrote about in his essay “Who do you want to become?” in the 8th form and got “5”. He had very sincere relations with the school teachers. He also had perfect organizing and communicating skills, so was an active participant of all events at the secondary school.

He entered the Institute of the National Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan (current UNEC). Ramzi had had lots of friends among the students and was in good relation with the teaching staff.

All young people who reached the appropriate age were sent to military service. Young Ramzi also interrupted his education and left for military service. He served in one of the military units near Moscow. After two years of military service, he continued the education.

Commotion started in February of 1988 was felt in Lachin as well as in all regions of Garabagh. The situation had forced young and stubborn Ramzi to return to Lachin. He was the 5th year student of the institute. He left to the defense of the homeland…

…Ramzi was killed during the intense battles in the province of Gulebirt of Lachin on May 25 1992.

Let him rest in peace!

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