Head  of the center: Doctor of economic sciences, Professor A. J. Muradov

Address: I academic building of UNEC
Contact phone: +(994) 012 497-62-67
e-mail: iitmerkezi@unec.edu.az


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Has been established by the Decision No. 166 of the meeting of the Scientific Council of   Azerbaijan State University of Economics dated June 28, 2019 and the order of Rector of UNEC  № 598/3/2015.

According to the order of Doctor of Economic sciences, professor Adalat Jalal Muradov  No. 758/3/2019, the management of  the center has been  undertaken by himself on  public bases.



To interact with UNEC departments, government agencies, science and education institutions and other local and international organizations within the scope of its responsibilities and rights



– To carry out scientific research works and projects;

– To organize international and national conferences, symposiums, seminars, round tables, trainings;

– To prepare and publish publications in different languages;

– To prepare reports, booklets, research documents, articles, bulletins, books, etc.;

– To cooperate with research centers, institutes, universities and private sector representatives located in the country and abroad;

– Ensuring that incoming appeals and inquiries on areas of activity are considered in accordance with the legislation;

– To ensure the implementation of the concept of development of the university within its powers;

– Prepare reports on the work plan and activities of the laboratory;

– To ensure the protection of service information in accordance with the legislation in the process of operation by the laboratory;

To perform other duties provided by the legislation in accordance with the directions of activity.



Forecast of world market price of Azerbaijani oil for medium and long term

Project implementation period: the deadline: 01.08.2015- 31.07.2016



To encourage the conduct of economic and socio-economic research and the use of empirical methods in scientific research;

Support the academic staff   and  students with access to quality research and access to international bases;

Implementation of scientific-  research  projects within the framework of local and international cooperation.



The head – Doctor of Economic sciences,  Professor Muradov Adalat Jalal , Rector of UNEC

- Hasanli Yadulla Hamdulla  – Doctor of Economic sciences., Director of the Economic Research Institute, Professor of the Department of Economics and Management;

- Hajiyev Nazim Ozbey  – Candidate of Economic sciences., Director of UNEC Business School, Associate Professor of the department of  “Economics and Business Management”